Nikki Grinds

First Impressions

The Lightspeed network is one of the web’s largest collections of 18-22 year old babes, each with their own site containing picture galleries and video clips. I mention this because Nikki Grinds is a member of the network and on her free tour she’s labeled as the “bad girl” of the bunch, which includes nearly 30 babes. A girl would have to be awfully naughty to take that title away from some of the sluts in this collection, which has me intrigued. Plus, all the good stuff on the tour is pretty convincing.

Hot Promises

The tour seems to be all about Nikki’s lesbian indiscretions. There are only a few pictures where she’s actually by herself, which is clearly designed to show just how naughty she is. However, it’s unclear from the images whether Nikki goes beyond simple lesbian teasing to full on pussy play, so time will tell. You’re promised lots of picture galleries and videos, all of which is exclusive. You can even check out a few samples from the video library, although they are so damn small you won’t get much out of them. For the real info you should read on.


When you log in you’ll see a list of all the Lightspeed sites. The ones you’ve subscribed to are available for access immediately (the lowest cost membership gives you access to 10 sites) and you can upgrade your membership if you’d like. Once you find the link to Nikki’s site you’ll be taken to her main content page, which is surprisingly dense. There are tons of ads and links to leased content on the page – thankfully they keep that stuff at the bottom. Before you have to do any scrolling you’ll see the picture and video sections, which is where all the relevant content can be found.

You’ll find the majority of the action in the picture galleries. There are 55 of them and they offer a mix of solo and girl-girl content. It’s roughly a 50/50 split so there’s a little something for all lovers of teen babes. The solo content consists almost entirely of simple strip scenes where Nikki takes off her bright colored outfit and spreads her legs so we can see her pussy. Occasionally she’ll finger herself but she rarely goes to that length. The galleries get repetitive though, mostly because there’s very little variety in what Nikki wears.

Nikki Grinds, like almost all of the Lightspeed girls, sticks to the same formula when it comes to choosing an outfit. The entire network is based around the teen niche and for the most part they’re loathe to go outside it. So you’ll see Nikki in lots of pinks and blues and yellows and they’ll almost always be pajamas and cute tank tops and the like. I didn’t spot any lingerie among the galleries and after a while I was bored. I think Nikki is beautiful but after a while the galleries all seem exactly the same. Variety is important!

The one time Nikki mixes things up is when she puts on her cheerleader uniform. Not surprisingly, the cheer galleries are my favorites. You just can’t beat a slutty cheerleader if you ask me, and any girl that’s posing in a cheer outfit on an adult website is a slutty cheerleader. The galleries are still the same damn thing – Nikki poses in the outfit for a few shots and then begins stripping from it – but the simple fact that she’s wearing a short skirt and a midriff baring top is enough to put it over the top for me.

Given that Nikki is supposed to be Lightspeed’s bad girl I was hoping to find more of that in the lesbian picture galleries (there certainly wasn’t any of it in the solo galleries). I was pleased to discover that it’s there in the form of dildo play, tit sucking, groping and the occasional bit of pussy play. However, these aren’t the full on lesbian galleries that the tour implied were inside. In many cases you’ll be watching two (or more) good looking girls posing nude next to each other instead of actually doing anything.

However, they do often pose in sexier outfits than you’ll see in the solo galleries. In one Nikki and her friend are both wearing exceptionally sexy lace camisoles. Nikki’s is actually a sheer pink number and it looks phenomenal. If the gallery also included Nikki and her friend eating each other out while wearing the lingerie it would have been perfect. There are a few dildo play galleries that I really appreciated, once again because they represented a break from the norm. There’s also a gallery where three cheerleaders pose and strip with each other. All told I was again a little disappointed by the general blandness of the content.

The video section is rather small, at least comparatively. There are eleven total scenes, with most lasting 5-10 minutes. They provide plenty of viewing options, starting with a screen capture gallery that’s useful for previewing the scene before downloading. You’re given five formats to choose from: WMV, MPEG, iPod, QuickTime and Mobile 3g2.

The videos are definitely dirtier than the pictures, too. In the solo clips Nikki often plays with herself on camera, sometimes using her fingers and sometimes a dildo. The lesbian clips are still not as dirty as I would have liked, but there is one where Nikki and Taylor Little go down on each other. If you join that’s the first video you should grab.

Croco’s Opinion

Nikki Grinds is not a great site. There’s not much content and what little there is simply isn’t compelling. It’s as if Nikki wasn’t all that interested when shooting or she wasn’t willing to expose herself in the way that a truly great online model does. However, when you join her site you also get access to nine other Lightspeed sites of your choosing. It’s a little pricey at $34.95 a month, but it’s an awful lot of content. If you spend an extra $5 you get access to the entire network, which is a good deal any way you look at it.


The site is not well designed but it’s still easy to use. My only complaint is the thumbnails are a little too small, sometimes making it a pain in the ass to browse the galleries.

Pricing Policy

It’s $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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